About Me

"Ava is wonderfully talented! She has a natural talent for capturing authentic moments that you want to remember."

Kari R.

Get to Know Me

I am a lifelong Oregonian living in the suburbs of Portland, who loves photographing the little moments that make up my clients' lives. I am a firm believer that the two best hours of the day are happy hour and golden hour, cake is a food group, and love is love. When I'm not behind the camera, I can be found trying to keep up with my very active (and fearless) son and two rescue pups. My other love is flowers. My backyard and remaining free time is quickly being taken over by more dahlias than I can probably handle.

My Passion

Growing up I loved creating art. That natural creativeness took on a new form, when I decided to try my hand at photography. Over the past decade I slowly leaned in further to my new found passion - which has been quite the journey. My journey has included teaching myself editing techniques, balancing being a full-time mom, investing in education, and juggling my previous career with photoshoots on the weekends.

Bringing families together to capture their unique love and personalities is the best part of my journey and now my full-time "job". I love all my clients and being able to take them with me on this incredible adventure.